GusGus 25 Years Photobook

A unique photography book collector about the band, made by the fans, and for the fans.

Final Design for T-Shirts and Tote Bags

The Project

To celebrate the 25 years of career of GusGus, we’re creating a photobook collector for fans all over the world. It’s the opportunity to retrace the band’s career and offer a unique collector object. Be part of this big adventure with us!

A Message From Biggi and Daniel

Inside The Book

The book will be composed of unique photographs from backstages, concerts, official photoshoots but also personal pictures from the band members and the fan community. We will also include Design contents from their album and videos, newspapers press clippings… as much material as possible that built the visual identity of the band during these 25 years.


How are we gathering the content?


Support from Biggi, Daniel and Omar, their manager
GusGus trusts in our team and supports our project. They are helping us speaking to the fan community by participating in different videos and obtaining some materials from artists and music labels who collaborated with them.


Our special relationship with Iceland
We are deeply connected with Iceland and have great contacts within the Icelandic musical scene, who is able to contribute to the book content (photographs, journalists, artists).


A call to contribution to the fans
Because GusGus fans are very responsive and motivated, we created a website,, to do a «Call to contribution» and collected private and unpublished pictures from fans from all over the world, since the beginning of the band until now.

What Will the Book Look Like?

The GusGus 25 years book project is for the fans, and it will be truly artistic and easy to understand for all, but not commercial. This book should reflect GusGus universe as much as possible. We would like to give a lot of importance to the photographs and the Design.

We will do the printing with a French printing company we have already worked with (including ÍSLAND photobook in 2017). They made many art books for French museums, established artists, institutions and has won a lot of prices for their work. We have a privileged relationship with them as Réza live close by.

The Rewards

Our Different Packages

A Team of 3 GusGus Fans

The Extended Team

Martyna Karolina Daniel and Gunnar Anton Guðmundsson worked on the different videos you can see here and on the Call to contribution page, they did an awesome job, don’t hesitate to contact them if you need some help on your Crowdfunding videos!

Our friend Stéphane Merlet is a GusGus fan from their very beginning and has great connections to their universe. He’s helping a lot contacting the right people.

Our Environmental Commitment

We could not make a book on Icelandic artistic culture without committing to using ecological papers and inks. We are therefore regularly informed of the latest innovations in the paper industry, which allows us to choose beautiful papers made from recycled materials, without chemicals while maintaining very good printability and design quality.

The book will be exclusively printed on papers which have the certifications FSC® (Forest Stewardship Concil) and PEFC ™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certication). We choose to work with a French certified printing company who have made efforts to protect the impact of their activity on the environment. They obtained the Imprim’vert label in 2005 for the management of all their production waste and the use of vegetable inks and in 2010, the double certification FSC® and PEFC ™.

Book Price & Limited Editions

How many books will we produce?
We plan to produce between 500 to 1000 books. It mainly depends on your participation for this crowdfunding campaign here on Karolina Fund.


What will be the price of the book?
The book will be sold around 12’500 kr. (80 €, but most probably a bit more) per copy but during this Karolina Fund campaign and only for you dear contributor, it will be 10’000 kr. (65 €)! You have also access to signed copy of the book from the band with the Little Fan Pack at 15’000 kr. (95 €).
This price is justified because we want to create a 200 pages thick photobook, with a beautiful hard cover and a sewn binding. It will be a very precious object about GusGus and these 25 years of career for fans, but also for all electronic music lovers.


Limited editions


Copies signed by the band will only be available during the Karolina Fund campaign, the Pre-order campaign and the Book Launch Party.
Price: around 15’000 kr. (95 €)


A Deluxe edition will be produced after the 25 years Harpa concerts in november 2020. It will be an artistic packaging box, composed by a signed copy of the book, a fine art print and an exclusive booklet composed by photographs shot during the Harpa concerts. The Deluxe edition will be produced in a very limited quantity.
Price to be defined


How will we distribute it?

Books will be distributed by ourselves as Editions Sable Noir:
• Mostly on the website
• On our website
• During the Book Launch Party in Reykjavík
• In limited quantity in bookstores, record stores and other retailers in Iceland and internationally

The Book Launch Party

The Book Launch Party will be the occasion to introduce the GusGus 25 Ára book to the public and some of the contributors like sponsors and photographers around a bar and during some of our DJ friends will play. Some photographers who contributed to the content of the book will also exhibit their work and the public will be able to buy these prints and all benefits will be given to the artists. This party will be also the opportunity to thank GusGus around a drink for their help in the creation of this unique project.


Sales of the book
During this event, regular copies of the book will be sold along with some merchandising products, like T-shirts and Tote bags. Few signed copies will also be available.

VIP Guests
At the beginning of the party, some exclusive VIP guests will be invited and will have access to our bar before the general public. VIP guests will be members of GusGus and their staff, sponsors, musicians, artists, photographers exhibiting and maybe you as top contributor of this Karolina Fund campaign.

The Project Timeline

Our Financial Plan

Our first goal is to raise enough funds to print 500 copies which means to collect 4’050’000 kr. (26’000 €) :


• This Karolina Fund campaign needs to reach at least 2’800’000 kr. (18’000 €)
• The Sponsorship Program needs to reach at least 1’ 250’000 kr. (8’000 €)


Our stretch goal is to print 1000 copies of the book once we raise 5’350’000 kr. (34’000 €).


And what happens if we collect more money?
As we are a non-profit organization, benefits will be used to work on other cultural projects, hopefully with Icelandic artists again!

Costs Breakdown

With our first goal, we will cover printing, import taxes and fixed charges for 500 books. These numbers are based on quotes we already submitted to the printing company, so no surprise here 🙂


You can also count on our past experiences to mitigate all risks related to the print industry.


• Printing: prototyping, print, papers, inks, binding
• Import taxes: transport from France to Iceland
• Fixed charges: website & e-Commerce fees, videos for the crowdfunding, various translation work, content authoring, packaging for shipping, color separation for high quality printing…
• Karolina Fund Fees: 6% of the total amount (8% of the Karolina Fund campaign)


The other variable charges (shipping, promotion and marketing materials, merchandising products, team charges) will be covered with revenues from the first sales.

How Can You Help us Further?

By telling your friends about the photobook project
Tell your friends, GusGus fans or just music lovers, that something big is happening 🙂 We need as much support as possible!


By following and sharing our posts about the campaign

• GusGus Biggest Fan Club on Facebook
• GusGus Official on Facebook
• @officialgusgus on Instagram


By sponsoring us!
We already created a complete Sponsorship Program and will actively work on this subject until September. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are aware of companies who would be interested in supporting this project, and we’ll find a way to thank you for your help!

€ 25,000

A Big Thank You!

Pledge € 10 / 1,600 ISK

Each contribution is important, so thank you a lot!

Your Name in the Photobook

Pledge € 30 / 4,800 ISK

Your name on the acknowledgement page at the end of the book to thank you being part of this great adventure.

The GusGus 25 Ára Photobook!

Pledge € 65 / 10,400 ISK

It's the photobook with an early bird price (-20% off)!
Limited (403 left of 450)
20% off

Little Fan Pack

Pledge € 95 / 15,200 ISK

- 1 photobook signed by the band
- 1 tote bag + goodies
Limited (116 left of 150)

Fan Pack

Pledge € 150 / 24,000 ISK

- 1 photobook signed by the band
- 1 tote bag + goodies
- 1 t-shirt
- your name in the photobook
Limited (10 left of 50)

Big Fan Pack

Pledge € 250 / 40,000 ISK

- 2 photobooks signed by the band
- 1 fine art print (15 x 20 cm)
- 1 tote bag + goodies
- 1 t-shirt
- your name in the photobook
Limited (26 left of 30)
2 Books!

Super Fan Pack

Pledge € 500 / 80,000 ISK

- 1 seat for one of the GusGus concerts
- 2 signed photobooks
- 1 VIP invitation for the Book Launch Party
- 1 fine art print (20 x 30 cm)
- 1 tote bag + goodies
-1 t-shirt
- your name in the photobook

Ultimate Fan Pack

Pledge € 1,000 / 160,000 ISK

- 1 surprise adventure with the band!!!
- 1 seat for one of the GusGus concerts
- 2 photobooks signed by the band
- 2 VIP invitation for the Book Launch Party
- 1 fine art print (up to 40 x 60 cm)
- 2 tote bags + goodies
- 2 t-shirts
- your name in the photobook


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